P. James Stoll

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Tissue engineering using human cells and tissue has one of the greatest scientific and economical potential in the coming years. There are public concerns during the ongoing discussion about future trends in life sciences and if ethic boundaries might be respected sufficiently in the course of striving for industrial profit and scientific knowledge. Until(More)
PURPOSE To assess the level of fatigue during the course of adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) of breast cancer patients and its relation to anxiety, depression, serum cytokines, and blood count levels. METHODS AND MATERIALS Forty-one patients who received adjuvant RT after breast-conserving surgery were prospectively studied. All patients underwent RT without(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the influence of menstrual cycle and age on parenchymal contrast medium enhancement in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the breast. MATERIALS AND METHODS Dynamic gadolinium-enhanced fast low-angle shot, three-dimensional breast MR imaging was performed with high temporal and spatial resolution (eight measurements in 10 minutes).(More)
The treatment of fractures of the mandibular condylar process(es) can be conservative or surgical. However, in many cases, a definitive judgment on the functional long-term outcome of the chosen therapy can only be given many years after the intervention. As a result, it is clearly useful to be able to review the effects of treatment undertaken at least 15(More)
Fractal geometry is a potentially valuable tool for quantitatively characterizing complex structures. The fractal dimension (D) can be used as a simple, single index for summarizing properties of real and abstract structures in space and time. Applications in the ¢elds of biology and ecology range from neurobiology to plant architecture, landscape(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to assess the added value of MR mammography, mammography, and sonography compared with mammography and sonography in diagnostic evaluation of the breast. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated reports of MR mammography, conventional mammography, and sonography of the breast in 89 patients who had been referred for(More)
In this article, the applications of immunoanalysis and flow cytometry for research and process monitoring in biotechnology are discussed. Brief reviews of the two analytical methods are followed by descriptions of actual applications in various areas of biotechnology. In the case of immunoanalysis, emphasis is placed on systems for on-line bioprocess(More)
Cephalosporins are commonly used in maxillofacial surgery because they achieve high concentrations in bone. Prophylactic antibiotic therapy was given to 65 patients undergoing diverse surgical procedures. 20 patients received cefotiam in 2 doses of 2 g for 5 days; 15 patients received cefotiam in 2 doses of 2 g only perioperatively. No difference was found(More)
Frozen sections permit an intraoperative check for margin clearance during tumor surgery. However, much time is usually lost while waiting for the evaluation of the specimens, especially if they are many. In 24 patients with oral cancer, biopsies were taken from the regions of the intended resection borders before beginning with the lymphadenectomy. While(More)