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In 2013 all ECB publications feature a motif taken from the €5 banknote note: This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the European Central Bank (ECB). The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the ECB. Any reproduction, publication and reprint in the form of a different publication,(More)
INTRODUCTION Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) has important role in the diagnosis and management of heart failure. Data on the impact of blood pressure (BP) on BNP are controversial. In primary aldosteronism (PA), BNP production can be affected by both hypertension and specific endocrine mechanisms. This study was aimed at investigating the impact of(More)
The views expressed in this paper are those of their authors and not necessarily the views of the Financial Stability Institute or the Bank for International Settlements. iii Foreword The Financial Stability Institute is pleased to present the winning FSI Award paper for 2008. This award, announced every two years at the time of the International Conference(More)
This paper examines procyclicality of the financial system. The introduction describes the natural and regulatory sources of procyclicality, focusing on the potential procyclical effect of the current Basel II regulatory framework for banks. It also mentions the regulatory tools for mitigating procyclical behaviour by financial institutions currently being(More)
Financial stability has again shifted into the center of attention, especially since the beginning of the recent global financial crisis. To be able to detect potential threats to financial stability and take appropriate macroprudential measures early on, policymakers not only need to monitor and assess financial stability but also to project its likely(More)
EDITORIAL This issue of the CNB Research Bulletin looks at advances in the area of financial stability. Financial stability issues have attracted the attention of central banks in the last 10 years, mainly due to the rapid development of financial systems, the emergence of new financial products and the increased integration of the financial system across(More)
IFC Working Papers are written by the staff of member institutions of the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics, and from time to time by, or in cooperation with, economists and statisticians from other institutions. The views expressed in them are those of their authors and not necessarily the views of the IFC, its member institutions or the(More)
Prohlášení Prohlašuji, že jsem diplomovou práci vypracoval samostatně a použil pouze uvedené prameny a literaturu. Declaration Hereby I declare that I compiled this master thesis independently, using only the listed literature and resources. Acknowledgments I would like to express my gratitude to my thesis advisor Petr Jakubík for supervising my work and(More)
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