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The mechanism of thyroid action on bone was studied in 15 patients with thyrotoxicosis and 14 patients with hypothyroidism. The patients were studied twice: when they were thyrotoxic or hypothyroid and when they had returned to a euthyroid state. Parameters of bone turnover showed a decrease when hyperthyroid patients became euthyroid: serum calcium (2.51(More)
The recovery of adrenocortical function during long-term corticosteroid treatment in a group of patients with asthmatic bronchitis was compared with that in a group of patients with sarcoidosis. At corresponding dosages of prednisone basal adrenocortical function as well as adrenocortical response to tetracosactrin stimulation was higher in the asthma(More)
Phosphofructokinase (PFK; ATP: D-fructose-6-phosphate transferase, EC was studied in human thyroid carcinomas (n = 16), follicular adenomas (n = 31) and normal thyroid tissue (n = 19). The specific activity in carcinomas (0.129 +/- 0.070) is significantly increased (p less than 0.001) in comparison with phosphofructokinase in normal thyroid tissue(More)
Four immunometric kits for thyrotropin with detection limits below 0.1 milli-int. unit/L were evaluated with respect to accuracy, precision, specificity, matrix effects, and high-dose "hook" effect. We also studied variations of values related to the patients' sex and age and time of the day and season when samples were collected. Correlation among the four(More)
Pyruvate kinase (ATP: pyruvate-2-O-phosphotransferase, EC was studied in human thyroid carcinomas (n = 9), follicular adenomas (n = 32), and normal thyroid tissue (n = 12). The specific activity in carcinomas (mean 0.94 +/- 0.44) is significantly increased (P less than 0.0001) in comparison with pyruvate kinase in normal tissue (mean, 0.14 +/-(More)
Our experience with the determination of thyroxine (T4) in serum using a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay technique (EMIT, Syva Corp.) is reported. The intra-assay precision of the EMIT Manual Thyroxine Assay was investigated with 2 different calibrator concentrations and showed coefficients of variation varying from 5--2% for thyroxine concentrations of 40(More)