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Although almonds have a high lipid content, their consumption is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. One explanation for this paradox could be limited bioaccessibility of almond lipids due to the cell wall matrix acting as a physical barrier to digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract. We aimed to measure the rate and extent of(More)
We are all well aware that rising levels of obesity in developed countries is having a significant impact on the health of the population. This is despite the availability of a wide range of low-calorie foods and an awareness of how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A new and emerging approach is to design foods that enhance the physiological(More)
To understand the bioaccessibility of the flavonoid quercetin we studied its interaction with bile salt micelles. The environmental sensitivity of quercetin's UV-visible absorption spectrum gave information about quercetin partitioning. Two quercetin absorption peaks gave complementary information: Peak A (240-280nm) on the intermicellar phase and Peak B(More)
Sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) and sodium tripolyphosphate (STP) act to remove stained pellicle from dentition and loosen deposits on tooth surfaces that may become cariogenic over time. This study investigated how SDS and STP impact the salivary pellicle adsorbed onto hydroxyapatite and silica sensors using a dual polarisation interferometer and a(More)
The central idea observes a recursive mapping of [Formula: see text]-body intramolecular interactions to [Formula: see text]-body terms that is consistent with the molecular topology. Iterative application of the line graph transformation is identified as a natural and elegant tool to accomplish the recursion. The procedure readily generalizes to arbitrary(More)
We have studied the uptake of quercetin aglycone into CaCo-2/TC7 cells in the presence and absence of mixed micelles that are present in the human small intestine. The micelles inhibited the transport of quercetin into the cells. To gain an understanding of why this is the case we examined the solubilisation of quercetin in micelles of differing composition(More)
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