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A MAP kinase activity assay was developed to determine whether the LHRH receptor could activate this enzyme (particularly during LHRH priming). In anterior pituitary tissue from prooestrous rats LHRH caused concentration-dependent activation of MAP kinase after 5-10 min and continued for up to 60 min of incubation. The magnitude of this response correlated(More)
The LHRH receptor in alpha T3-1 gonadotrope cells was shown to bring about a marked and sustained activation of MAP kinase. This response was prevented by protein kinase C inhibition or down-regulation and could be partially mimicked by phorbol ester. Additional evidence for inhibition of this response by pertussis toxin and partial mimicry by mastoparan(More)
The LHRH receptor is a member of the superfamily of 7-transmembrane domain receptors coupled by G proteins to the activation of phospholipase C (PLC) [ I ] . Because this receptor has the unusual ability to bring about an upregulation of its own signal transduction in terms of inositol phosphate production [2] we have been exploring its ability to activate(More)
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