P J Schollmeyer

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The aim of the present study was to investigate dopamine receptor- and alpha-adrenergic receptor-mediated modulation of norepinephrine release in human atria. Right atrial appendages were incubated with 3H-norepinephrine, placed in superfusion chambers, and field-stimulated by platinum electrodes at a frequency of 5 Hz. The stimulation-induced (S-I) outflow(More)
Hypertension and atherogenic low-density lipoproteins cause attenuation of endothelium-dependent dilations in vivo. We investigated a potential interference of high transmural pressure with the effects of low-density lipoproteins on endothelium-dependent dilation in vitro. Furthermore, we determined whether high-density lipoproteins preserve endothelial(More)
The findings of a 10-year study (1976 to 1986) conducted in southwest Germany on hemangioblastomas (HBL's) of the central nervous system (CNS) are presented. During that period, 47 HBL's were diagnosed and surgically removed in 44 patients, with a good postoperative survival rate and prognosis. The majority (83%) of these tumors were located in the(More)
CNS manifestations were studied in 97 gene carriers of von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (HLS). Haemangioblastomas of the CNS were found in 43 patients (44%), 23 females and 20 males. The mean age at diagnosis was 39 years (12-73 years). A total of 93 haemangioblastomas were detected of which 74% were intracranial and 26% were located in the spinal cord; 75% were(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of adrenoceptor agonists on the intracellular calcium activity ([Ca2+]i), membrane voltage (Vm), and ion conductances (Gm) in differentiated mouse podocytes. [Ca2+]i was measured by the Fura-2 fluorescence method in single podocytes. Noradrenaline and the alpha 1-adrenoceptor agonist phenylephrine(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the effects of angiotensin II (Ang II) on cellular functions of rat podocytes (pod) in the intact freshly isolated glomerulus and in culture. Membrane voltage (Vm) and ion currents of pod were examined with the patch clamp technique in fast whole cell and whole cell nystatin configuration. Vm of pod was -38+/-1 mV (n =(More)
1. The effects of extracellular ATP on contraction, membrane voltage (Vm), ion currents and intracellular calcium activity [Ca2+]i were studied in rat mesangial cells (MC) in primary culture. 2. Addition of extracellular ATP (10(-5) and 10(-4) M) to MC led to a cell contraction which was independent of extracellular calcium. 3. Membrane voltage (Vm) and ion(More)
UTP and ATP induce different membrane voltage responses in rat mesangial cells. Recent studies have indicated that UTP and ATP might modulate mesangial cell function in a different manner. Here we compared the effect of UTP and ATP on membrane voltage (Vm) and ion currents in mesangial cells in primary culture, and we examined whether different nucleotide(More)
Dopamine receptor modulation of noradrenaline release from renal sympathetic nerves was investigated. Human kidney slices were incubated with 3H-noradrenaline, placed into superfusion chambers between two platinum electrodes and field-stimulated at 5 Hz. The slices accumulated radioactivity. Pretreatment of the kidney slices with 6-hydroxy-dopamine (1.2 mM)(More)