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The aim of the study was to evaluate the relevance of cations in different fluoride compounds for their effectiveness as anti-erosive agents. Human enamel samples underwent a de- and re-mineralisation procedure for 10 days. Erosive demineralisation was performed with 0.05 M citric acid (pH 2.3) 6 x 2 min daily followed by immersion in the test solution 6 x(More)
Longitudinal growth of myofibrils in the skeletal muscle of Macropodus opercularis appears to take place at their terminal parts. Since the Z-disks are arranged in lines and perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis, there are repeated terminal myofibril regions of different lengths following the last complete sarcomere. At the shortest terminal myofibril(More)
Liver biopsies taken from 15 workers at a PVC-producing factory were examined by electron microscopy. The hepatocytes showed focal hydropic swelling, disseminated toxic steatosis, peculiar para-crystalline inclusions in enlarged mitochondria, focal cytoplasmic degradations, and occasional single cell necroses. These regressive changes were more prominent in(More)
During ontogenesis of the fish, Macropodus opercularis, uninucleated praemyoblasts without any myofilaments fuse to form multinucleated myoblasts. Within the myoblasts, parallelly and longitudinally arranged myofilaments of different lengths appear close to the cell membrane and in close relation to polysomes. Actin and myosin are detectable in the(More)
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