P. J. S. Srikanth

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In this journal, we present a method called “AI Game Playing Approach for Fast Processor Allocation in Hypercube Systems using Veitch diagram (AIPA)” which achieves a fast and complete subcube recognition with a complexity that is far less than that of Gray Code (GC), Buddy, Modified Buddy, Modified Gray Code, Free List, Heuristic Processor Allocation(More)
In this paper, we propose a quick and complete subcube recognition strategy called "parallel AI game playing approach for faster processor allocation in hypercube systems using Veitch diagram (parallel AIPA)" with much less complexity than the other existing allocation policies. The proposed scheme works by assuming Veitch diagram as a Tetris game board and(More)
Processor Allocation schemes play a significant role in obtaining high performance in parallel computing paradigms. Finding available processors for incoming task with the constriction of minimizing overhead is the chief objective of task allocation. Various processor allocation schemes have been proposed with series of performance measures and complexities(More)
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