P. J. Rice

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Pathological studies of a sural nerve biopsy in a man with Tangier disease presenting as a remitting-relapsing multifocal neuropathy showed abnormalities in the paranodal regions, including lipid deposition (65%) and redundant myelin foldings, with various degrees of myelin splitting and vesiculation (43%) forming small tomacula and abnormal myelin terminal(More)
The activity of the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) can be increased in the rat superior cervical ganglion by stimulating the preganglionic cervical sympathetic trunk. Since nicotinic, muscarinic and alpha adrenergic receptors have been implicated in ganglionic transmission, the role of each of these receptors in the trans-synaptic regulation of TH(More)
OBJECTIVES Hormones and cytokines are known to act as regulatory messengers between the neuroendocrine and immune systems. The innate immune system identifies infectious agents by means of pattern-recognition receptors. These receptors recognize pathogen-specific macromolecules called pathogen-associated molecular patterns. Fungal cell wall glucans(More)
1. Unilateral denervation of the rat vas deferens (RVD) was performed under anesthesia. The animals were allowed to recover 4 or 10 days and then concentration-effect (C-E) curves to noradrenaline (NA) and neurokinin A (NKA) were constructed in denervated and control RVD. 2. Tissues denervated 4 or 10 days produced NA responses shifted 20-fold to the left(More)
Human uric acid transporter 1 (hURAT1; SLC22A12) is a very important urate anion exchanger. Elevated urate levels are known to play a pivotal role in cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Therefore, the development of potent uric acid transport inhibitors may lead to novel therapeutic agents to combat these human(More)
Aims and Methods The UK's Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) requires individuals to report if they have a medical condition such as alcohol dependence. General Medical Council guidance indicates that medical practitioners should ensure patients are aware of their impairment and requirement to notify the DVLA. Results In a survey of 246 people with(More)
BACKGROUND Socially disadvantaged men are at a substantially higher risk of developing alcohol-related problems. The frequency of heavy drinking in a single session is high among disadvantaged men. Brief alcohol interventions were developed for, and are usually delivered in, healthcare settings. The group who binge drink most frequently, young to(More)
Three-dimensional electrocardiography with computerized analysis provides a means to rapidly collect and quantitatively analyze electrocardiographic data from rats. Electrical activity at each point in time can be expressed quantitatively as a vector with magnitude and direction. Rats are fitted with plate and needle electrodes in three mutually(More)
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