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The past and current status of purple swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio in Europe is reviewed, with particular reference to the Iberian Peninsula and the possible causes of the decline and subsequent recovery of the species in Spain. The main cause of decline has been the loss of habitat, namely wetlands with suitable vegetation cover and water levels. This(More)
1. The effects of the present biodiversity crisis have been largely focused on the loss of species. However, a missed component of biodiversity loss that often accompanies or even precedes species disappearance is the extinction of ecological interactions. 2. Here, we propose a novel model that (i) relates the diversity of both species and interactions(More)
Social-media-supported academic conferences are becoming increasingly global as people anywhere can participate actively through backchannel conversation. It can be challenging for the conference organizers to integrate the use of social media, to take advantage of the connections between backchannel and front stage, and to encourage the participants to be(More)
We examine the hierarchical geographic structure of the interaction between a plant, Helleborus foetidus, and its floral herbivores and pollinators (interactors). Six populations from three distant regions of the Iberian Peninsula were used to examine intra- and inter-regional variation in plant traits, interactors and plant fecundity, and to compare,(More)
effects of rodent post-dispersal seed predation on the outcome of the plant – seed disperser interaction. – Oikos 88: 362 – 370. We analysed two potential effects of post-dispersal seed predation on recruitment of the wild olive tree (Olea europaea var. syl6estris), a Mediterranean bird-dispersed tree: (a) the limitation of abundance and distribution of(More)
The breeding system and pollination ecology of Paeonia broteroi (Paeoniaceae), a self-compatible, perennial herb, which produces few flowers (1-8) per season, are described in wo populations in mountains of southern Spain. Experimentally self-pollinated flowers yielded a significantly lower seed set (6-18%) than cross-pollinated flowers (23-29%), but the(More)
We examined the possible contributions of food availability and the energetic and nutritional contents of seeds on the diets of adult and juvenile Serins (Serinus serinus). We found that Serins are specialized granivores during the breeding season, with a single plant species (Diplotaxis virgata) comprising the majority of the diets' of adults and(More)
The differential adaptation of populations of the same species to their local environmental conditions through divergent selection, known as local adaptation, is a key step in the process of diversification of species. Here, we explore the local adaptation of the perennial mountain herb Helleborus foetidus to variable environmental conditions of seedling(More)
This paper presents a three-part experiment designed to investigate the motivations of users of a community safety and neighborhood watch social networking website. The experiment centers around an intervention into the invitation system that current users employ to invite nonmembers to join the site, and involves several versions of an invitation email(More)