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This paper presents image compression technique based on column transform, row transform and full transform of an image. Different transforms like, DFT, DCT, Walsh, Haar, DST, Kekre’s Transform and Slant transform are applied on colour images of size 256x256x8 by separating R, G, and B colour planes. These transforms are applied in three different ways(More)
This paper presents, efficient transform based face recognition technique which considers full and partial feature vector of an image. 2D-DCT and Walsh transform is applied on the resized image of size 128x128, to obtain its feature vector. Partial feature vector is obtained by selecting 75% rows and columns of feature vector, 50% rows and columns of(More)
In this paper, image compression using orthogonal wavelet transforms of Walsh, Cosine, Haar, Kekre, Slant and Sine is studied. Wavelet transform of size N 2 xN 2 is generated using its corresponding orthogonal transform of size NxN. These wavelet transforms are applied on R, G, and B planes of 256x256x3 size colour images separately. In each transformed(More)
In this paper, a text dependent speaker recognition algorithm based on spectrogram is proposed. The spectrograms have been generated using Discrete Fourier Transform for varying frame sizes with 25% and 50% overlap between speech frames. Feature vector extraction has been done by using the row mean vector of the spectrograms. For feature matching, two(More)
The goal of this paper is to present a very simple approach to text dependent speaker identification using a combination of spectrograms and well known Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). This approach is based on use of DCT to find similarities between spectrograms obtained from speech samples. The set of spectrograms forms the database for our experiments(More)
This paper aims to provide different approaches to text dependent speaker identification using various transformation techniques such as DCT, Walsh and Haar transform along with use of spectrograms. Set of spectrograms obtained from speech samples is used as image database for the study undertaken. This image database is then subjected to various(More)
In this paper, image compression using hybrid wavelet transform is proposed. Hybrid wavelet transform matrix is generated using two component transform matrices. One component transform matrix contributes to global properties whereas second one contributes to local properties of an image. Different sizes of component transform matrix can be used to generate(More)
This paper proposes new image compression technique that uses Real Fourier Transform. Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) contains complex exponentials. It contains both cosine and sine functions. It gives complex values in the output of Fourier Transform. To avoid these complex values in the output, complex terms in Fourier Transform are eliminated. This can(More)
This paper presents simple wavelet based image compression method where wavelet transform is generated from orthogonal component transforms. Wavelets of DCT, DST and Real-DFT and Discrete Hartley Transform (DHT) are generated. Each generated wavelet transform is applied separately on R, G, and B plane of 256x256x3 colour image. Performance of these wavelet(More)