P. J. Narayanan

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medium, Virtualized Reality, immerses viewers in a virtual reconstruction of real-world events. The Virtualized Reality world model consists of real images and depth information computed from these images. Stereoscopic reconstructions provide a sense of complete immersion, and users can select their own viewpoints at view time, independent of the actual(More)
Graph cuts has become a powerful and popular optimization tool for energies defined over an MRF and have found applications in image segmentation, stereo vision, image restoration, etc. The maxflow/mincut algorithm to compute graph-cuts is computationally heavy. The best-reported implementation of graph cuts takes over 100 milliseconds even on images of(More)
Linear algebra algorithms are fundamental to many computing applications. Modern GPUs are suited for many general purpose processing tasks and have emerged as inexpensive high performance co-processors due to their tremendous computing power. In this paper, we present the implementation of singular value decomposition (SVD) of a dense matrix on GPU using(More)
Graphics Processor Units are used for many general purpose processing due to high compute power available on them. Regular, data-parallel algorithms map well to the SIMD architecture of current GPU. Irregular algorithms on discrete structures like graphs are harder to map to them. Efficient data-mapping primitives can play crucial role in mapping such(More)
Graphics processing units provide a large computational power at a very low price which position them as an ubiquitous accelerator. General purpose programming on the graphics processing units (GPGPU) is best suited for regular data parallel algorithms. They are not directly amenable for algorithms which have irregular data access patterns such as list(More)
Compact representation of geometry using a suitable procedural or mathematical model and a ray-tracing mode of rendering fit the programmable graphics processor units (GPUs) well. Several such representations including parametric and subdivision surfaces have been explored in recent research. The important and widely applicable category of the general(More)