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In polymer gel dosimetry using magnetic resonance imaging, the uncertainty in absorbed dose is dependent on the experimental determination of T2. The concept of dose resolution (Dpdelta) of polymer gel dosimeters is developed and applied to the uncertainty in dose related to the uncertainty in T2 from a range of T4 encountered in polymer gel dosimetry.(More)
Verification of advanced radiotherapy treatment modalities requires measurement of three-dimensional absorbed dose distributions with high spatial resolution and precision. Polymer gel dosimeters combined with magnetic resonance imaging may be able to fulfil this requirement. However, verification requires that the uncertainty in the dosimeter is well(More)
Gel dosimetry using magnetic resonance imaging is a technique which allows measurement of three-dimensional absorbed dose distributions in radiation therapy. This paper presents details of a software tool written specifically to provide facilities to perform image processing required in research and development of gel dosimetry. Collections of magnetic(More)
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