P. J. Morrison

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A discontinuous Galerkin method for approximating the Vlasov-Poisson system of equations describing the time evolution of a collisionless plasma is proposed. The method is mass conservative and, in the case that piecewise constant functions are used as a basis, the method preserves the positivity of the electron distribution function. The performance of the(More)
Traditional numerical discretizations of conservative systems generically yield an artiicial secular drift of any nonlinear invariants. In this work we present an explicit nontraditional algorithm that exactly conserves these invariants. We illustrate the general method by applying it to the three-wave truncation of the Euler equations, the Lotka{Volterra(More)
The breakup of shearless invariant tori with winding number omega=(11+gamma)(12+gamma) (in continued fraction representation) of the standard nontwist map is studied numerically using Greene's residue criterion. Tori of this winding number can assume the shape of meanders [folded-over invariant tori which are not graphs over the x axis in (x,y) phase(More)
New global periodic orbit collision and separatrix reconnection scenarios exhibited by the standard nontwist map are described in detail, including exact methods for determining reconnection thresholds, methods that are implemented numerically. Results are compared to a parameter space breakup diagram for shearless invariant curves. The existence of(More)
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