P. J. Monardo

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In this study, we examined yeast proteins by two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis and gathered quantitative information from about 1,400 spots. We found that there is an enormous range of protein abundance and, for identified spots, a good correlation between protein abundance, mRNA abundance, and codon bias. For each molecule of well-translated mRNA,(More)
The Quest II system is a new two-dimensional (2D) gel analysis software system for the construction and analysis of 2D gel protein databases. A new architectural approach to 2D gel software systems has been utilized. This architecture is based on a tightly coupled client/server model. There are three layers to the system architecture: (i) a database layer(More)
Sevelamer carbonate is an anion exchange pharmaceutical, developed to improve on the performance of the non-absorbable, non-calcium, and metal-free phosphate binder sevelamer hydrochloride. Sevelamer carbonate is expected not to worsen metabolic acidosis, as previously reported during long-term treatment with sevelamer hydrochloride in hemodialysis (HD)(More)
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