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In this study, we examined yeast proteins by two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis and gathered quantitative information from about 1,400 spots. We found that there is an enormous range of protein abundance and, for identified spots, a good correlation between protein abundance, mRNA abundance, and codon bias. For each molecule of well-translated mRNA,(More)
The Quest II system is a new two-dimensional (2D) gel analysis software system for the construction and analysis of 2D gel protein databases. A new architectural approach to 2D gel software systems has been utilized. This architecture is based on a tightly coupled client/server model. There are three layers to the system architecture: (i) a database layer(More)
Sevelamer carbonate is an anion exchange pharmaceutical, developed to improve on the performance of the non-absorbable, non-calcium, and metal-free phosphate binder sevelamer hydrochloride. Sevelamer carbonate is expected not to worsen metabolic acidosis, as previously reported during long-term treatment with sevelamer hydrochloride in hemodialysis (HD)(More)
New knowledge on the physiologic role of L-carnitine and on the rationale of its use in patients on maintenance hemodialysis is provided. In particular, carnitine normalizes plasma and muscle carnitine levels and modifies both enzymatic pattern of muscle and morphology of single fibers, improving exercise tolerance. In addition, carnitine reduces(More)
These potential benefits of newer agents, including seve-lamer, and other anion-exchange resins, as discussed by Drs Wrong and Harland [5], are supported, only in part, by very large-scale observational studies, where lower levels of serum calcium, phosphorus, and less so parathyroid hormone, are associated with improved survival for people with chronic(More)
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