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Fifty patients with periventricular hypodense lesions in cerebral CAT (leucoaraiosis) were included in a prospective study. All of them were intensively evaluated considering both the clinical and neuropsychological aspects. Fifteen of these patients were diagnosed of dementia following the criteria proposed by Bennett et al for Binswanger's disease. The(More)
There have been few reports about the frequency of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Spain. We undertook a prevalence study in the province of Teruel, which is served by two hospitals as referral centres for a population of 143,680. We found a total of 46 patients who fulfilled Poser's criteria for clinically definite or probable MS with a prevalence rate of(More)
The set-test evaluates the verbal fluency in 4 categories: colors, animals, fruits and cities. It has been proposed as a diagnostic aid in dementia in elderly patients. Therefore, we have evaluated its yield in a normative control reference group of 79 individuals and in 56 patients with possible dementia. It had a positive correlation of 73 with minimental(More)
Coronary artery disease is a recognized risk factor for symptomatic ischaemic stroke but the influence on asymptomatic stroke has not been clearly determined. The purpose of this work was to determine the relationship between coronary heart disease and silent brain infarcts and the influence of vascular risk factors and carotid atherosclerosis in a(More)
Prosody is defined as the melodic line of language. In this study we included 25 patients with probable Alzheimer's disease and 14 with multi-infarct dementia for a comparative cross-sectional study of prosody. Neuropsychological analysis was based on Mini-Mental test, Blessed Scale and Clinical Dementia Rating. We used the criteria of Monrad-Krohn to(More)
BACKGROUND Prosody is the faculty of language by which different meanings may be referred through variations in the tone, rhythm and accent with independence of the words and grammatical structures. Alteration of this sphere may modify the emotional components and proposals of the language. The aim of this study was to evaluate the existence of aprosody in(More)