P. J. McCullagh

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Power spectral analysis (PSA) of the EEG was studied in healthy term and preterm neonates to establish the normal range with gestational age. Sixty healthy newborn infants from 26 to 41 weeks' gestation had PSA performed at 3 days of age. Five main frequency bands were studied: delta 1 (1 Hz or less), delta 2 (2-3 Hz), theta, alpha, and beta. A significant(More)
Spectral edge frequency (SEF) of the EEG was studied in 51 healthy neonates to assess its value as a measure of cerebral maturation. SEF was calculated as the frequency below which 95% of the power in the power spectrum resides. Summated SEF (sSEF) of 4 EEG channels correlated significantly with gestational age (r = 0.83). sSEF varied with behavioural state(More)
The effect of successive inocula of tumour cells given to rats at intervals of 1 to 10 days was examined. If W256 cells were injected on both occasions, the second inoculum failed to grow if given into the footpad as early as 1 day, or intravenously as soon as 4 days, after the first administration. However, although a second inoculum failed to grow, it(More)
In learning motor skills, different types of information can be utilized to reinforce correct execution of the skill. Over the years, augmented information after the movement (i.e., knowledge of results) has been the most widely studied and has received attention as the most important variable for learning. Recently, however, researchers have begun to focus(More)
Within our current work we are developing a home based Personalised Self-Management System (PSMS) for persons suffering from Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). Users of the PSMS have the ability to record and monitor their health information such as blood pressure, heart rate and weight in addition to gross levels of activity on a daily basis. Through the use of(More)
This paper describes a multimedia approach to sensory stimulation in psychophysiological studies. High resolution colour images are presented to a subject by a Delphi stimulus program, controlled by a data acquisition system which concurrently records cognitive Event Related Potentials from the subject. The acquisition PC is linked to the stimulus PC using(More)
In the medical domain, one of the major challenges faced by the medical experts is the extraction of critical information for medical diagnosis. Specialized tools are necessary to assist the experts in diagnosing the diseases. Information retrieval is difficult in the case of ultrasound medical images due to its low resolution making diagnosis difficult.(More)
This article provides a survey of published literature on technology developed to support people at the early stages of dementia during night time. Studies to date have focussed on Assistive Technology that can address monitoring in a sensor enriched home environment or provide location detection as a safety net. Additionally, studies have promoted therapy(More)
The administration of a single bolus of anti-IgM antibody to foetal lambs early in pregnancy produces prolonged B-cell depletion. The present study investigated this depletion by examining the effect, on B-cell development in the ileal Peyer's patches, of varying the timing and dosage of antibody administration and by supplementing anti-IgM with surgical(More)