P. J. M. Janssen

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This paper presents the policy framework of contaminated site management in The Netherlands and the corresponding risk assessment tools, including innovations that have taken place since an overview was published in 1999. According to the Dutch Soil Protection Act assessment framework, soils are subdivided into three quality classes: clean, slightly(More)
Neurotensin (NT) receptors are overexpressed in exocrine pancreatic cancer and Ewing's sarcoma. The potential utility of native NT in cancer diagnosis and therapy is, however, limited by its rapid degradation in vivo. Therefore, NT analogues were synthesised with modified lysine and arginine derivatives to enhance stability and coupled either to DTPA, to(More)
Long perceived as a form of exotic self-expression in some social fringe groups, tattoos have left their maverick image behind and become mainstream, particularly for young people. Historically, tattoo-related health and safety regulations have focused on rules of hygiene and prevention of infections. Meanwhile, the increasing popularity of tattooing has(More)
Arsenic is a metalloid that occurs in food and the environment in different chemical forms. Inorganic arsenic is classified as a class I carcinogen. The inorganic arsenic intake from food and drinking water varies depending on the geographic arsenic background. Non-dietary exposure to arsenic is likely to be of minor importance for the general population(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric drug development is hampered by practical, ethical, and scientific challenges. Microdosing is a promising new method to obtain pharmacokinetic data in children with minimal burden and minimal risk. The use of a labeled oral microdose offers the added benefit to study intestinal and hepatic drug disposition in children already receiving(More)
Neurotensin (NT) receptors are overexpressed in different human tumors, such as human ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma. New stable neurotensin analogs with high receptor affinity have been synthesized by replacing arginine residues with lysine and arginine derivatives. The aim of this study was to explore the biodistribution, tumor uptake, kidney(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate whether alexithymia and emotional awareness could be improved by psychotherapeutic inpatient treatment. The role of alexithymia and emotional awareness in predicting the treatment outcome was investigated. 48 psychosomatically ill patients completed German versions of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), the Levels(More)
As part of a study of the biogas production from cattle waste, xylanolytic bacteria were isolated from enrichments of fermenting cattle manure. From 34 isolates, mostly Gram-negative rods, a typical strain was investigated in more detail. It was an anaerobic non-sporeforming, Gramnegative rod, which was motile with peritrichous flagella. This organism(More)
The effectiveness of an opioid rotation to parenteral hydromorphone in advanced cancer patients has never been investigated. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the analgesic efficacy and side effects of parenteral hydromorphone on serious cancer-related pain. We included 104 consecutive advanced cancer patients who were extensively(More)