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A total of 137 patients in long term hospital care were interviewed and examined to determine the prevalence, nature and most important causes of oral candidosis in the hospitalized elderly. Oral candidal infection as determined by the imprint culture technique was present in 47% of patients with a further 31% being carriers of Candida. The prevalence of(More)
A subgroup of patients with burning mouth syndrome was investigated. The clinical history of these patients differed from the norm in that symptoms were intermittent and affected unusual sites. In addition, routine investigations were supplemented with a more detailed psychological evaluation than reported previously and also a possible allergic component(More)
The role of antimicrobial peptides is particularly important in the oral cavity where there is constant challenge by microorganisms. The alpha-defensins are a group of cationic peptides that comprise 30-50% of the total protein in azurophilic granules of human neutrophils. They include the human neutrophil peptides (HNP) 1, 2 and 3 which have almost(More)
This study investigated 84 patients with burning mouth syndrome (BMS), who were asked to complete a hospital anxiety and depression (HAD) scale questionnaire. A control group of 69 patients was also included. All patients were interviewed regarding parafunctional habits and were subjectively examined for signs of occlusal wear of the natural teeth or(More)
Sixteen patients developed a variety of oral lesions following a change in the toothpaste they used. Mucosal biopsy demonstrated features consistent with application of a topical medicament and patch testing, towards the constituents of the toothpastes, indicated the flavouring agent cinnamonaldehyde as being the likely responsible agent. Avoidance of the(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to investigate the levels of substance P (SP), neurokinin A (NKA) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) in painful and healthy human dental pulps. METHODOLOGY Forty-six samples of pulp tissue were collected from extracted or endodontically treated painful teeth and 20 from clinically healthy teeth extracted for(More)
To our knowledge there has been no previous study of factors specifically involved in the pathogenesis of patients who complain of burning sensation of the lips when the lips appear clinically normal. The complaint is akin to patients who complain of a burning sensation of the mouth when it appears clinically normal, a condition known as burning mouth(More)
A prospective study of 150 consecutive patients with burning mouth syndrome and with a minimum follow up period of 18 months is reported. Factors related to dentures, to vitamin B complex deficiency, and to psychological abnormalities were found to be important, and undiagnosed diabetes mellitus, reduced salivary gland function, haematological deficiencies,(More)
This study used modern thermal imaging techniques to investigate the temperature rise induced at the pulpal well during thermal debonding of ceramic brackets. Ceramic brackets were debonded from vertically sectioned premolar teeth using an electrothermal debonding unit. Ten teeth were debonded at the end of a single 3-second heating cycle. For a further(More)
A postal survey of 295 general dental practitioners (GDP's) in the Greater Glasgow Area Health Board was undertaken to assess their acceptance and attitudes towards the plasma derived hepatitis B vaccine. Only 17% of the 144 dental practitioners who responded to the questionnaire had received the vaccine. Practitioners' reservations concerning their(More)