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Genetic analyses have raised the possibility of interactions between the gene products of the neurogenic loci Notch and Delta, each of which encodes a transmembrane protein with EGF homology. To examine the possibility of intermolecular association between the products of these two genes, we studied the effects of their expression on aggregation in(More)
Delta and Notch function are required for cell fate specification in numerous tissues during embryonic and postembryonic Drosophila development. Delta is expressed by all members of interacting cell populations within which fates are being specified and is subsequently down-regulated as cells stably adopt particular fates. Multiphasic expression in the(More)
Delta (D1) is required for normal segregation of the embryonic ectoderm into neural and epidermal cell lineages in Drosophila melanogaster. Loss-of-function mutations in D1 and other zygotic neurogenic loci lead to expansion of the neuroblast population at the expense of the dermoblast population within the ectoderm. Characterization of the transcriptional(More)
Delta (Dl) encodes a cell surface protein that mediates cell-cell interactions central to the specification of a variety of cell fates during embryonic and postembryonic development of Drosophila melanogaster. We find that the Delta protein is expressed intermittently in follicle cells and in germ-line cells during stages 1-10 of oogenesis. Furthermore,(More)
Delta (Dl) is one of the six known zygotic neurogenic genes, each of which is essential for proper segregation of the embryonic ectoderm into neural and epidermal lineages. Molecular analysis of Dl reveals that it is a transcriptionally complex locus that yields multiple maternal and zygotic transcripts. DNA sequence analysis suggests that the predominant(More)
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