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Soil soluble organic N (SON) plays an important role in N biogeochemical cycling. In this study, 22 surface forest soils (0–10 cm) were collected from southeast Queensland, Australia, to investigate the size of SON pools extracted by water and salt solutions. Approximately 5–45 mg SON kg−1, 2–42 mg SON kg−1 and 1–24 SON mg kg−1 were extracted by 2 M KCl,(More)
N2-fixation by algae on the Broadbalk continuous wheat experiment was measured over a two year period using the acetylene reduction technique. The plots studied receive spring fertilizer treatments including farmyard manure and combinations of nitrochalk and Na, P, K and Mg which have remained much the same since the experiment started in 1843. Nitrogen(More)
A technique to efficiently separate plasma from human whole blood is described. Essentially, 3-mL samples are held on the axis of a tubular transducer and exposed for 5.7 min to an ultrasonic standing wave. The cells concentrate into clumps at radial separations of half wavelength. The clumps grow in size and sediment under gravity. A distinct plasma/cell(More)
There has been interest for a number of years in the possibility of separating blood into cells and plasma by methods other than centrifugation, so that the plasma can be analysed on-line. Cells in whole blood normally occupy about 45% of the suspension volume. It has been shown with a number of different cell types, such as yeast and bacteria, that for(More)
The paper introduces the use of a visual programming environment (LabVIEW) to program custom control functions for bioprocess research. The time taken for a bioprocess scientist to program new functions compared well with typical times expected for experienced programmers using conventional languages. Experienced LabVIEW programmers will develop(More)
The design and construction of an automated on-line analysis system is described with reference to applications in bioprocess control, clinical, and environmental analysis. The new system is built around three main elements: ultrasound filtration, a micro flow injection analysis (FIA) system, and direct readout spectrophotometry. The advantages of three(More)
A novel light-scattering instrument has been developed for rapid detection of immunoreactions in test latex particle-enhanced immunoassays. The detector consists of a flat-field grating and a charge-coupled device mounted on a rotating platform, and the detector measures a continuous spectrum from 350 nm to 735 nm at 440 polar angles with a resolution of(More)
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