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1519 POLICYFORUM N utrient cycles link agricultural systems to their societies and surroundings ; inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus in particular are essential for high crop yields, but downstream and downwind losses of these same nutrients diminish environmental quality and human well-being. Agricultural nutrient balances differ substantially with economic(More)
A large proportion of nutrients and sediment is mobilised in catchments during storm events. Therefore understanding a catchment's hydrological behaviour during storms and how this acts to mobilise and transport nutrients and sediment to nearby watercourses is extremely important for effective catchment management. The expansion of available in-situ sensors(More)
after a few months contending with liver cancer (see his letter in SIL news68, www.limnology. org/news). He is survived by his beloved wife, Joyce, and daughter, Angharad Simlett-Moss. Brian (born July 6, 1943) obtained his Ph.D. degree at the University of Bristol where he worked on the algal ecology of two contrasting ponds under the supervision of Frank(More)
Analysis of hydrochemical behaviour during storm events can provide new insights into the process controls on nutrient transport in catchments. The examination of storm behaviours using hysteresis analysis has increased in recent years, partly due to the increased availability of high temporal resolution data sets for discharge and water quality parameters.(More)
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