P J Jenner

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6-Hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) 10 and 40 micrograms/24 h infused bilaterally for 4 days into the rat substantia nigra (SN) caused a 'freezing' akinetic response which was apparent within 24 h and which persisted throughout the period of infusion. The infusion of 10 or 40 micrograms/24 h 6-OHDA into the SN failed to cause any change in motor coordination, or(More)
Previous studies showed that mice with pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) and those protected from the disease by preimmunization with mycobacterial 65-kDa heat shock protein (hsp65) possess raised immune responses to hsp65. Additionally, T cells from hsp65-protected mice, but not from pristane-injected or normal mice, produced the Th2-associated cytokines(More)
Adjuvant arthritis in rats is induced by a T cell clone specific for amino acids 180-188 of the mycobacterial 65-kD heat-shock protein, and synovial T cell responses to this same Ag have been noted in human arthritis. We have isolated 65-kD Ag-specific T cell clones from synovial fluid mononuclear cells of a patient with acute arthritis, which, unlike the(More)
The M. tuberculosis recA locus comprises an 85 kd open reading frame but produced 38 kd RecA and 47 kd products in E. coli. No RNA processing was detected; rather, an 85 kd precursor protein was spliced, releasing a 47 kd spacer protein, and joining its terminal fragments to form mature RecA protein. "Spacer" protein was also produced in M. tuberculosis and(More)
There is increasing evidence for a defect of mitochondrial respiratory chain function in Parkinson's disease. Specific NADH CoQ1 reductase (complex I) deficiency has been identified in the substantia nigra. Available evidence suggests that this defect is confined to the substantia nigra and is not present elsewhere in the parkinsonian brain. The absence of(More)
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