P. J. J. Desmet

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Six routing algorithms, describing how flow (and water borne material) will be routed over Digital Elevation Models, are described and compared. The performance of these algorithms is determined based on both the calculation of the contributing area and the prediction of ephemeral gullies. Three groups of routing algorithms could be identified. Both from a(More)
AIMS The intention of this study is to investigate the relationship of the demands/control/strain model with hard coronary events in an epidemiological, prospective, multicenter, European study. METHODS AND RESULTS Six cohorts (Brussels, Ghent, Lille, Barcelona, Göteborg and Malmö) from four European countries (Belgium, France, Spain and Sweden)(More)
Standard culturing techniques are often unrewarding in confirming diagnosis of synovial infection in the equine patient. Several human studies report the use of sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques for the detection of bacterial involvement in acute synovitis. However, successful extraction of bacterial DNA directly from clinical samples(More)
One hundred and thirteen double-muscled Belgian blue calves (69 males and 44 females) with spastic paresis (52 unilateral and 61 bilateral) were treated surgically by partial tibial neurectomy under caudal epidural anaesthesia. Telephone inquiries made at least three-and-a-half months later established that good results were obtained in 83.2 per cent of the(More)
Chronic septic carpitis in 72 calves and adult cattle was treated by arthrodesis of the carpus (n = 24), proximal or distal carpal row resection with arthrodesis (n = 31), or resection of both the proximal and distal carpal bones and radio-metacarpal arthrodesis (n = 17). Painfree arthrodesis permitting full weight-bearing was obtained in 69% of the cases.(More)
The innervation pattern of the interosseus muscle of the forelimb was studied in two ponies and two horses. The nerves of the suspensory ligament were studied histologically after neurectomy of the ulnar and median nerve branches proximal to the carpal joint. The results demonstrated that the interosseus muscle is innervated by the deep branch of the(More)
We report on a patient without immunologic dysfunction who developed a reactivation of a latent histoplasma infection, acquired during a previous stay in Africa more than 10 years before. The current reactivation resulted in a subacute progressive disseminated histoplasmosis. He developed progressive weight loss, prostration and different oropharyngeal(More)
Radiographic measurements from the lateromedial projection of the equine foot were compared in three groups of horses. Group 1 consisted of 143 normal horses, group 2 were 60 horses with clinical navicular disease and group 3 were 161 horses with clinical and radiographic navicular disease. Several measurements tended to be larger in group 3 than group 1.(More)