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We introduce a new optimization algorithm that combines the basin-hopping method, which can be used to efficiently map out an energy landscape associated with minima, with the multicanonical Monte Carlo method, which encourages the system to move out of energy traps during the computation. As an example of implementing the algorithm for the global(More)
[1] The analysis of the GPCP and CMAP datasets during the past 30 years (1979–2008) indicates that there are consistent increasing trends in both the global monsoon area (GMA) and the global monsoon total precipitation (GMP). This positive monsoon rainfall trend differs from previous studies that assumed a fixed global monsoon domain. Due to the increasing(More)
Folded conformations of proteins in thermodynamically stable states have long lifetimes. Before it folds into a stable conformation, or after unfolding from a stable conformation, the protein will generally stray from one random conformation to another leading thus to rapid fluctuations. Brief structural changes therefore occur before folding and unfolding(More)
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