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A new class of recently discovered antineoplastic agents, the pyridyl cyanoguanidines, exert a potent antitumor activity in rodents after oral administration. Optimization in vitro and in vivo has resulted in the selection of the lead candidate CHS 828 (N-(6-chlorophenoxyhexyl)-N'cyano-N"-4-pyridylguanidine). CHS 828 was found to exert potent cytotoxic(More)
A new in vivo experimental model--the Subcutaneous Air Sac (SAS) model-has recently been presented to replace a previous in vivo rabbit cornea assay where neovascularisation was induced by chemical injury of the cornea or by implantation of tumour cells intracorneally, a methodology which is believed to cause severe pain to the animals. In the SAS model, an(More)
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