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The objective of a treatment outcome study is to investigate the heterogeneity in outcome between patients according to factors other than treatment, such as country, institution or physician. Results of treatment outcome studies have already been extensively presented in the medical literature. However, no clear methodology has emerged to perform treatment(More)
Genetic polymorphisms of apolipoprotein E (APOE) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) have shown inconsistent associations with healthy adult cognitive functions. Recent investigations have suggested that APOE polymorphisms do not contribute to non-pathological cognitive function and that any effect is likely due to prodromal Alzheimer's disease(More)
A major issue when proposing a new prognostic index is its generalisibility to daily clinical practice. Validation is therefore required. Most validation techniques assess whether "on average" the results obtained by the prognostic index in classifying patients in a new sample of patients are similar to the results obtained in the construction set. We(More)
IntroductIon: Medical education has historically been an area, which drives advances in medical research, ensuring that students receive the best skills for managing patients. Visualisation tools are perhaps the most important aspect for effective medical education. 3D printed models are showing significant potential as a visualisation tool to help(More)
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