P. J. Delfyett

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We present an initial feasibility demonstration of a WDM-compatible Optical-CDMA system using 16 phase-locked laser lines within an 80 GHz tunable window as frequency chips and an ultrahigh frequency resolution phase shifting encoder/decoder. Abstract: We present an initial feasibility demonstration of a WDM-compatible Optical-CDMA system using 16(More)
We report on infrared supercontinuum generation extending over more than one octave of bandwidth, from 850 nm to 2.35 μm, produced in a single spatial mode from a robust, compact, composite chalcogenide glass nanotaper. A picosecond laser at 1.55 μm pumps a high-index-contrast, all-solid nanotaper that strongly confines the field to a 480 nm diameter core,(More)
We present the results of an investigation of the nonlinear characteristics of a new class of robust, multimaterial, all-solid chalcogenide nanotapers prepared from high-index-contrast chalcogenide fibers. The fiber is drawn from a preform produced by multimaterial coextrusion and consists of chalcogenide core and cladding (which dictate the optical(More)
We report a novel quantum dot based laser design where a stable high-Q master laser is used to injection lock a passively mode-locked monolithic colliding pulse slave laser. Coupling between the crossed orthogonal laser cavities is achieved through a common monolithically integrated saturable absorber, which results in the locking and hence reduction of the(More)
—Optical frequency combs are used as local oscillators for the measurement and analysis of unknown optical waveforms with periodic time domain structures. Experimental results obtained by heterodyning pulsed and phase-modulated laser sources are presented. The analysis is then extended to the heterodyning and sampling of bandlimited incoherent light(More)
We report a frequency-stabilized semiconductor-based mode-locked laser that uses a phase modulator and an intracavity Fabry-Perot etalon for both active mode-locking and optical frequency stabilization. A twofold multiplication of the repetition frequency of the laser is inherently obtained in the process. The residual timing jitter of the mode-locked pulse(More)
A lidar technique employing temporally stretched, frequency chirped pulses from a 20 MHz mode locked laser is presented. Sub-millimeter resolution at a target range of 10.1 km (in fiber) is observed. A pulse tagging scheme based on phase modulation is demonstrated for range resolved measurements. A carrier to noise ratio of 30 dB is observed at an(More)
— We report subpicosecond pulse generation at 22 GHz from a two-section passively mode-locked laser at 1.55 µm, using a novel AlGaInAs quantum-well wafer. By carefully designing the metal pad and the isolation layer, we are able to hybridly mode-lock the laser by modulating the saturable absorber at the fundamental repetition rate and thus achieve a low(More)
A lidar system based on the coherent detection of oppositely chirped pulses generated using a 20 MHz mode locked laser and chirped fiber Bragg gratings is presented. Sub millimeter resolution ranging is performed with > 25 dB signal to noise ratio. Simultaneous, range and Doppler velocity measurements are experimentally demonstrated using a target moving at(More)