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Nickel ingestion can cause exacerbation of dermatitis in patients who are already nickel-sensitive; Chromium (Cr VI) is the 2nd allergen, after nickel. However, stainless steel is widely used in home cookware. In this study, we determined nickel and chromium levels by atomic absorption spectrometry in 11 habitual menus cooked in different grades of(More)
The metabolic rate of midgut, fat body and ovaries from Oncopeltus fasciatus adult female has been studied, comparing the results with that from juvenile hormone or precocene II treated insects. Neither juvenile hormone nor precocene II had any effect on midgut and fat body. Precocene II treatment increased the oxygen consumption rate of ovaries, which in(More)
The effects of juvenile hormone and precocoene II on the metabolic rate of Blattela germanica L. (Blattaria, Blattellidae), Spilostethus pandurus Scop. (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) and Oncopeltus fasciatus Dallas (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) 5th instar nymphs and adults have been investigated. Direct volumetric method was used to determine the oxygen consumption(More)
Average pesticide residue levels were determined for the 17 main food groups in the average Spanish diet. Using these levels and the estimated average intake of these foods, authors computed an individual's average daily consumption of pesticides from each of these food groups and her/his total diet. Foods were acquired over a 1-year period from the market(More)
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