P J Cardillo

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Systematic work on the synthesis and characterization of two series (referred to as type A and B) of poly(amido-amine)s with tertiary amino-groups in the main chain is reported. The polymers were synthesized by polyaddition of alpha, omega-bis-(methyl-amino) alkanes with 1,4-bis-acryloylpiperazine (type A) and 1,12-bis-acryloyl-n-diaminododecane (type B).(More)
Accidental events concerning process industries can affect not only the staff working in, but also the environment and people living next to the factory. For this reason a regulation is imposed by the European Community to prevent accidents that could represent a risk for the population and the environment. In particular, Directive 96/82/CE, the so-called(More)
The aim of the study was the evaluate of results of 2000 surgical operations for ano-rectal disease performed in the day-surgery setting (7-24 hours hospital stay) with improvement of both cost effectiveness and patient comfort. From January 1980 to December 1998, 2000 patients underwent surgical operations: 1011 for haemorrhoids; 708 for anal fissure; 172(More)
Breast cancer represents 40% of all carcinomas and is responsible for the 20% of deads due to a cancer in female population. Patients in more of 50% age over 65 years. 150 patients with breast cancer older then 65 years underwent surgery. T1 and T2 < 2 cm patients were treated with quadrantectomy and radiotherapy. T2 > 2 cm and T3 patients underwent radical(More)
Although clinical staging of neoplastic diseases has long remained the only approach to prognosis and treatment, parameters for stage determination, such as tumor size (T) and lymph-node involvement (N), do not always provide effective indication of optimal treatment. Molecular medicine has also provided useful indications as to an alternative and/or(More)
Male breast cancer is a rare neoplasm. Adhesions in its deeper and superficial levels and axillary adenopathies (50-60%) are often found at the diagnosis time. Surgery is considered the main step in the treatment of the male breast cancer. Radical mastectomy often leads to a wide asportation of the skin consequently causing some problems in the management(More)
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