P. J. Barratt

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We here report on three patients with gastrointestinal symptoms in whom spirochetes were found in colonic biopsies. The patients, heterosexual adults, were not immunocompromised. Electron microscopy was performed on colonic biopsies from each of the three patients. Apart from the basophilic band consisting of spirochetes, the mucosa was normal in two(More)
Autologous technetium 99m-labeled phagocyte scanning has been used to assess disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease in 51 consecutive patients. Strong correlations were found between the 24-h fecal excretion of isotope and the histologic score of mucosal biopsy specimens (rS = 0.84, p less than 0.001, where rS is Spearman's rank correlation(More)
The leakiness of the cell membranes of colonic epithelial cells isolated by the collagenase/Dispase technique from normal or diseased colons was assessed in a 4 h 51Cr release assay. Cells from normal, adenoma bearing or cancer bearing colons showed 51Cr release of 8% or less in almost all of 46 cell populations tested. In contrast, cells from mucosa(More)
Five cases of early gastric carcinoma (EGC) were seen in 12 months. The clinical features did not provide guide-lines to diagnosis, which depends on air contrast barium studies, endoscopic recognition of early malignancy, adequate biopsies, and their interpretation. Malignancy was present in an average of 60% of the biopsies taken. The most common type of(More)
The LDH isoenzyme pattern of the uninvolved mucosa of gastric cancer patients differs as regards the LDH isoenzyme pattern from that of similar tissue of patients with benign gastric disease; the former tissue is characterised by a high M/H ratio of the LDH isoenzymes (M and H sub-units). A high M/H ratio characterises antral mucosa when the latter is(More)
Continuum theory is employed to investigate the stability of a sample of nematic liquid crystal contained between two long, concentric, circular cylinders, rotating with constant angular velocity about the cylindrical axis, when subjected to a radial thermal gradient. We consider the arrangement in which the anisotropic axis of the material is initially(More)
Sixteen patients with early gastric cancer (carcinoma which is confined to mucosa and submucosa) are described. Despite a long duration of symptoms and frequently large tumour surface areas, lymph-node metastasis occurred in only one patient. Findings of endoscopic biopsy were more accurate (100%) than endoscopic (75%), radiological (50%), or clinical(More)
Fetal death is a common phenomenon; parental chromosome study may uncover the cause of the problem and contribute to the management of the couple involved. Discovery of a translocation provides a firm basis for genetic counseling, detection of carriers, and prenatal diagnosis. We have studied a young couple with a history of 4 consecutive spontaneous(More)
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