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Pervasive computing is the embedded technology and computing as communication is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. This developed many possible solution to many problems in various fields. In healthcare its applicability is less while comparing to other fields, so the pervasive computing is emerging vastly in healthcare service and known to be(More)
Smart home is a feature that comes from the pervasive computing to enhance the effective usage of devices in a home environment. Smart home enable us to achieve comfort, safety, security and energy consumption in a home environment. The objective of our work is to extend Smart home environment by introducing a service called centralized controller. Nowadays(More)
Nowadays smart way of doing the work is very familiar among every business oriented enterprise applications. In this paper we propose an enhanced smart multi-banking integrated using service oriented composition model by which using single username and password the user can able to access multiple bank accounts. Every user can have more than one bank(More)
Ubiquitous Computing is considered to be as the new technology era which is exploring different ways to allow smart devices to function without need for user effort and awareness. Ubiquitous systems are designed to be available and accessible from anywhere. Ubiquitous Computing for shopping giving a new way of providing shopping standard and offers Smarter(More)
Service oriented Architecture is an emerging technique used in software development based on the concept of service. Generally an independent function which was well defined and single unit is referred as service. In current trends, SOA plays a major role in many of the business solutions. Consider an application based on service oriented architecture to(More)
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