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A new procedure of conservative treatment (radiation + benephos) is suggested to improve the quality of life of cancer patients with osteolytic metastases. Radiation regimen, dosage, benephos administration methods and characteristics of combined therapy are discussed. The procedure was tested in the course of the treatment of 21 breast cancer patients with(More)
Immunofluorescent method using anti-thymidine antibodies was employed to assess proliferative activity of 217 human tumors including oropharyngeal, esophageal, gastric, rectal and lung cancer. The activity was evaluated before and, in 38 neoplasms, in the course of radiotherapy. It was shown that changes in the proliferative activity of oropharyngeal and(More)
It is believed that new anticancer potential of radiotherapy lies in further research efforts in the fields of: clinical radiobiology, utilization of the last developments in radiological equipment, overall high quality of radiological service. Research in radiobiology should be aimed at the design of nonstandard dose fractionation, introduction of various(More)
Labeling index (LI) and growth fraction (GF) values were studied over time using biopsy specimens from patients with oropharyngeal cancer. The comparison of laboratory findings with tumor clinical response showed that a significant factor determining the tumor radiation reaction was the degree of LI and GF decrease during radiotherapy rather than their(More)
Proceeding from the clinical observation of 11 patients with cancer of the tongue, oral mucosa and stomatopharynx who received gamma-beam therapy according to the scheme of dynamic fractionation combined with metronidazole, it has been concluded that the drug enhances the degree of radiation injury of the above tumors. It is expressed in early time (the 2nd(More)
Various types of non-routine dose fractionation were used in 2062 patients with malignant tumors of different sites. The conclusion was that superfractionation was more preferable for tumors with a high proliferative pool, with fast growth rates, marked radiosensitivity. It ensures the protection of normal tissues without a decrease or even with an increase(More)