P. Igic

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Laser interferometry was used to measure umbo velocity in the developing rat. The tympanic membrane was stimulated with pure tones between 0.4 and 40.0 kHz, at intensity levels between 50 and 130 dB SPL. The corresponding umbo velocity response was measured. Umbo velocity responded linearly with respect to sound pressure throughout development. When the(More)
Gekkonoid lizards increase in body size throughout life, and the present study investigates whether changes in auditory function accompany these increases. Middle-ear structures in four groups of animals, adults and juveniles of two gekkonoid species (Eublepharis macularius and Oedura marmorata), were examined. Tympanic membrane velocity and phase were also(More)
Realising a higher voltage application utilising bridge topologies in CMOS Power IC CMOS technology presents integration and design issues that must be solved by careful selection of the manufacturing process architecture. In this paper, we present a solution that uses a p+/p-buffer/n-epi stack to implement a 100 V RESURF N-channel LDMOS high-side(More)
A standard 0.35 micrometer CMOS technology has been extended for 100 V Power IC applications by accommodating reduced surface field (RESURF) LDMOSFET device with p-well block region or extended poly-overlap region for suppression of the drain wrapping potential. A 100 V integrated H-bridge circuit suitable for driving a brushless DC motor has been designed,(More)
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