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Functional stability of the knee is dependent on an intact ligamentous system and the timely and efficient contraction of supporting musculature. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between muscle strength and functional stability in 31 patients pre- and post-operatively, following a unilateral anterior cruciate ligament rupture. All(More)
There is much empirical evidence that words' relative imageability and body-object interaction (BOI) facilitate lexical processing for concrete nouns (e.g., Bennett et al., 2011). These findings are consistent with a grounded cognition framework (e.g., Barsalou, 2008), in which sensorimotor knowledge is integral to lexical processing. In the present study,(More)
Previous research has examined the effects of emotional experience (i.e., the ease with which words evoke emotion information) in semantic categorization (SCT), word naming, and Stroop tasks (Newcombe et al., 2012; Siakaluk et al., 2014; Moffat et al., 2015). However, to date there are no published reports on whether emotional experience influences(More)
regression BLOCKINdiscontinuity BLOCKINdesigns: BLOCKINincorporating BLOCKINclinical BLOCKINknowledge BLOCKINin BLOCKINthe BLOCKINcausal analysis BLOCKINof BLOCKINprimary BLOCKINcare BLOCKINdata.
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