P I W de Bakker

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We performed a genome-wide association scan in 1461 patients with bipolar (BP) 1 disorder, 2008 controls drawn from the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder and the University College London sample collections with successful genotyping for 372 193 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Our strongest single SNP results are found in(More)
Whole-genome association study of bipolar disorder P Sklar, JW Smoller, J Fan, MAR Ferreira, RH Perlis, K Chambert, VL Nimgaonkar, MB McQueen, SV Faraone, A Kirby, PIW de Bakker, MN Ogdie, ME Thase, GS Sachs, K Todd-Brown, SB Gabriel, C Sougnez, C Gates, B Blumenstiel, M Defelice, KG Ardlie, J Franklin, WJ Muir, KA McGhee, DJ MacIntyre, A McLean, M VanBeck,(More)
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