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The arterial wall (abdominal aorta, splenic artery) has been investigated after irradiation with 3000 rad (3 X 1000 rad within 3 weeks) in rabbits. In addition to light microscopic techniques semi-thin sections, electron microscopic sections, permeability staining and autoradiographic techniques have been applied. These studies revealed typical lesions in(More)
A short survey is given of the historical development and the physical basis of ozone therapy. Ozone is used in medicine as well as in other spheres. Papers reporting good results of ozone treatment in carcinoma seemed of particular interest. The efficacy of ozone as an adjuvant to the irradiation of carcinosarcomas of rats was confirmed by us. On account(More)
From January 1st 1966 until December 31st 1968, 593 women with carcinoma of the cervix uteri were admitted to and treated at the I. Universitäts-Frauenklinik of Vienna. 151 cases underwent a radical operation (Wertheim) resulting in a relative 5-years-healing of 85.43% and 442 women were exclusively treated by a combined radium-X-ray-therapy. From the 442(More)
This is a report about 442 patients with a carcinoma of the cervix uteri, who underwent a primary radiotherapeutic treatment in the period from 1966 to 1968. 342 (77,4%) were at the age between fifty and seventy years. 226 (60%) of the women were in the stages III and IV. A five-years-healing could be obtained with 234 patients (45%). Nobody died in(More)
The parenterally application of oxygen-ozone gas mixture gives good resultats in the treatment of various deseases. Ozone seems to influence the metabolic process of fat, so it was of interest to analyse this influence especially to phospholipids. 40 women with gynaecological cancer got 10 ml oxygen-ozone gas mixture with a content of 450 gamma ozone into(More)