P. Hernández

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In this article is described a knowledge-based system or expert system for failures identification in onshore pipelines. This expert system is called Failure Analysis Expert System (FAES). The FAES development has been split in two parts. In the present part I, the database structure and knowledge acquisition process are described, while in second part, the(More)
Understanding and emulating human creativity is a key factor when developing computer based algorithms devoted to art. This paper presents a new evolutionary approach to art and creativity aimed at comprehending human principles and motivations, behaviors and procedures from an evolutionary point of view. The results, and the collective artwork described,(More)
In order to develop a Failure Analysis Expert System (FAES), with application for onshore pipeline transporting oil and gas products, the work was split in two parts. Previously failure database and knowledge acquisition method were described in the first part whereas the present, part II, the End-User interface and Algorithm are explained in detail. The(More)
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