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The transport behavior of a system of gravitationally driven superparamagnetic colloidal particles is investigated. The motion of the particles through a narrow channel is governed by magnetic dipole interactions, and a layered structure forms parallel to the walls. The arrangement of the particles is perturbed by diffusion and the motion induced by gravity(More)
The behavior of particles driven through a narrow constriction is investigated in experiment and simulation. The system of particles adapts to the confining potentials and the interaction energies by a self-consistent arrangement of the particles. It results in the formation of layers throughout the channel and of a density gradient along the channel. The(More)
Transport phenomena of interacting particles are of high interest for many applications in biology and mesoscopic systems. Here we present measurements on colloidal particles, which are confined in narrow channels on a substrate and interact with a barrier, which impedes the motion along the channel. The substrate of the particle is tilted in order for the(More)
In this work, we focus on low-dimensional colloidal model systems, via simulation studies and also some complementary experiments, in order to elucidate the interplay between phase behavior, geometric structures and transport properties. In particular, we try to investigate the (nonlinear!) response of these very soft colloidal systems to various(More)
Ich versichere, dass ich die Arbeit selbstständig verfasst und keine anderen als die angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel benutzt sowie die Zitate kenntlich gemacht habe. I am grateful to my colleques from the Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics. I enjoyed the time at the institute and I had lots of fruitful discussions with members of the Dreiner and Drees(More)
Although knowledge management (KM) is currently a buzzword, it is not a big topic in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The need for KM in SMEs is not as big as in large organisations. Small size and good working conditions provide a lot of the basic requirements for good KM without having to care about it [Radermacher 2001]. However, some of the(More)
A brief review focusing on low-dimensional colloidal model systems is given describing both simulation studies and complementary experiments, elucidating the interplay between phase behavior, geometric structures, and transport phenomena. These studies address the response of these very soft colloidal systems to perturbations such as uniform or uniaxial(More)
Two-dimensional model colloids and nano wires: phase transitions, effects of external potentials and quantum effects Abstract Quantum effects, structures and phase transitions in Nano-systems have been analyzed. An overview is given on the results of our computations on structural and elastic properties of model colloids, on phase transitions of model(More)
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