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Median urinary secretory IgA (sIgA) (ELISA technique in unprocessed urine) was 1.36 mg/liter (range, 0.29 to 2.31) in healthy female controls at various times of the menstrual cycle. It was significantly lower in women with urinary tract infection (UTI) without antibody-coated bacteria. Such decrease was found both in women with acute UTI episodes (median,(More)
Integrated analysis on socioeconomic metabolism could provide a basis for understanding and optimizing regional sustainability. The paper conducted socioeconomic metabolism analysis by means of the emergy accounting method coupled with data envelopment analysis and decomposition analysis techniques to assess the sustainability of Qingyang city and its eight(More)
This paper analyzed the characteristic of the tourism destination ecosystem from perspective of entropy in Dunhuang City. Given these circumstances, an evaluation index system that considers the potential of sustainable development was formed based on dissipative structure and entropy change for the tourism destination ecosystem. The sustainable development(More)
This paper describes the development of a voice data recording watch and the accompanying software and hardware needed to build an integrated solution for medical data capture and automatic codification. The developed system is used to capture on the stand-alone watch, either by voice recording or by form-filling, the relevant information on the healthcare(More)
The INSPEX H2020 project main objective is to integrate automotive-equivalent spatial exploration and obstacle detection functionalities into a portable/wearable multi-sensor, miniaturised, low power device. The INSPEX system will detect and localise in real-time static and mobile obstacles under various environmental conditions in 3D. Potential(More)
Introduction: Primitive meteorites and interplane-tary dust particles (IDPs) contain nm-to µm-sized presolar dust grains that formed in the winds of evolved stars or in the ejecta of supernova explosions [1-3]. Except the presolar diamonds, whose circum-stellar origin is still in question, presolar silicates make up the most abundant presolar grain type.(More)
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