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This paper presents the current work progress of HIT/DLR Dexterous Hand. Based on the technology of DLR Hand II, HIT and DLR are jointly developing a smaller and easier manufactured robot hand. The prototype of one finger has been successfully built. The finger has three DOF and four joints, the last two joints are mechanically coupled by a rigid linkage.(More)
We propose a new method for detecting and approximating the boundary surfaces in three-dimensional (3-D) biomedical images. Using this method, each boundary surface in the original 3-D image is normalized as a zero-value isosurface of a new 3-D image transformed from the original 3-D image. A novel computational framework is proposed to perform such an(More)
The paper presents hardware and software architectures of the HIT/DLR Hand. The hand has four identical fingers and an extra degree of freedom (d.o.f) for the palm. In each finger, there is a re-configurable Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for data acquisition, Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control and communication with the palm's FPGA by Point-to-Point(More)
A general framework for designing an optimum control strategy for the Hemopump is described. An objective function was defined that includes four membership functions, each constructed based on the desired values of one of the four members: stroke volume, mean left atrial pressure, aortic diastolic pressure and mean pump rotation speed. The Hemopump was(More)
Evidence for impacts of environmental changes on belowground net primary production (BNPP) from long-term experiments is rather scarce. We aimed to understand how long-term changes in water and nitrogen availability affect production and vertical allocation of roots in semi-arid grasslands and its consequence on carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycles. We(More)
Theoretical and observational studies have suggested that environmental variations would change compositional similarity between plant communities. However, this topic has rarely been examined via experiments involving direct manipulation of resources utilized by plant communities. A 9-year field manipulation experiment was conducted to examine the effects(More)
Keywords: Ferrites Spinel Garnet Hexaferrite Ferromagnetic resonance Pulsed laser deposition Liquid phase epitaxy Screen printing Negative index materials Microwave a b s t r a c t Next generation magnetic microwave devices will be planar, smaller, weigh less, and perform well beyond the present state-of-the-art. For this to become a reality advances in(More)
Concentrations and species of iodine isotopes ((127)I and (129)I) provide vital information about iodine geochemistry, environmental conditions and water masses exchange in oceans. Despite extensive investigations of anthropogenic (129)I in the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas, concentrations of the isotope in the Atlantic Ocean are, however, still unknown.(More)
Due to the increasing costs and time consuming for new drug discovery, a large number of pharmaceutical firms have chosen to modify the existing drug molecules for repositioning candidates with new or improved properties, especially those with severe adverse effects, thereby accelerating the drug discovery process. Such strategy has witnessed its success(More)