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We describe the draft genome of the microcrustacean Daphnia pulex, which is only 200 megabases and contains at least 30,907 genes. The high gene count is a consequence of an elevated rate of gene duplication resulting in tandem gene clusters. More than a third of Daphnia's genes have no detectable homologs in any other available proteome, and the most(More)
C* is a data parallel programming language originally developed for the Connection Machine. EEorts are now underway to standardize a revised version of C* 6]. We think that standardization of C* is premature at this time, since the language contains a number of unproven constructs and obvious aws. We are concerned that standardization of a parallel language(More)
v Acknowledgements First acknowledgments go to Rob van Nieuwpoort for his work on the initial RMI implementation and to Jason Maassen for getting the first implementation of the garbage collector working for the RMI runtime system. Other people I would like to acknowledge are Ceriel Jacobs for his help with debugging LASM and many other things and Rutger(More)
Date The box is present here to hide the page number. Nothing in white shows up when printed. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank all members of my committee: The weekly meetings for the past year with Dan, Vaughn, and Phil have been essential in this collaborative project. Dan has been instrumental in his interest and insights into the project. None(More)
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