P. Harris

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A Bayesian framework is introduced to carry out Automatic Relevance Determination (ARD) in feedforward neural networks to model censored data. A procedure to identify and interpret the prognostic group allocation is also described. These methodologies are applied to 1616 records routinely collected at Christie Hospital, in a monthly cohort study with 5-year(More)
Experienced blind subjects have previously demonstrated good echo perception of size and distance and some echo-discrimination of shapes and textures. In three experiments untrained sighted subjects also proved able to echo-detect and recognize three simple shapes and to recognize fabric and wooden but not carpet and Plexiglas discs at significantly above(More)
The coastal shallow water zone can be a challenging and costly environment in which to acquire bathymetry and other oceanographic data using traditional survey methods. Much of the coastal shallow water zone worldwide remains unmapped using recent techniques and is, therefore, poorly understood. Optical satellite imagery is proving to be a useful tool in(More)
The Dublin SURGE (Soil Urban Geochemistry) Project is Dublin's first baseline survey of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants in topsoils and is part of a Europe-wide initiative to map urban geochemical baselines in ten cities. 1,058 samples were collected as part of a stratified random sampling programme in the greater Dublin area to give an(More)
Recombinant Lactobacillus jensenii enolase fused to a C-terminal noncleavable His tag was expressed in Escherichia coli, purified and crystallized by sitting-drop vapor diffusion. A complete data set was collected to 3.25 A resolution. The crystals belonged to space group I4, with unit-cell parameters a=b=145.31, c=99.79 A. There were two protein subunits(More)
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