P.Hari Krishan Prasad

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Observations on phenology of some representative trees, shrubs, under-shrubs and herbs in a subalpine forest of Uttarakhand, western Himalaya were recorded. With the commencement of favorable growth season in April, occurrence of leaf fall was indicatory growth phenomenon in Quercus semecarpifolia, Q. floribunda and Abies spectabilis. However, active(More)
Studies were conducted on population status and regeneration of Quercus semecarpifolia and Quercus floribunda in a subalpine forest of western Himalaya. Saplings of Q. semecarpifolia belonging to the 51-100 cm size class and those of Q. floribunda belonging to the 101-150 cm size class were well represented in studied subalpine forests. Comparable seedling(More)
With the increasing complexity of electronic circuits and to meet the demand of high performance, the design and optimization of electronic circuits need to be automated with high degree of reliability and accuracy. In order to optimize hardware requirements of digital combinational circuits, evolutionary and innovative techniques need to be enforced at(More)
The species Elaeocarpus sphaericus (Rudraksha) is a religious, medicinally important threatened tree of India. An efficient micropropagation protocol has been developed from nodal explants of this plant species collected from north-east India for large scale production of planting material at favourable sites within the country. Best shoot initiation(More)
The Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system have some problems such as carrier frequency offset, timing offset, and Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR). The impacts of these problems results into inter carrier interference (ICI) which affects the bit error rate (BER). Therefore, suitable methods are required to mitigate ICI at the receiver.(More)
This paper deals with the reliability of Thermal stresses in simples bars whose body may be expand or contract due to some increase or decrease in the temperature of the body when stress follows the Half-logistic distribution. For such thermal stresses in simple bars we are particularly interested in investigating the reliability by using the Half-logistic(More)
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