P-H van Wyk

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Differentiation of human sexual orientation, particularly bisexuality, has been little studied. Most studies have lumped bisexuals with homosexuals. Those examining bisexuals separately have uniformly observed that bisexuals are often unlike either heterosexuals or homosexuals. Some authors have overgeneralized the results of animal studies as applying to(More)
Relationships with overt adult Kinsey Scale scores (K) indicate that early sexual experiences are most closely related to K, followed in order by gender related and familial variables. A developmental model emphasizing social learning is presented. Interviewees were 7669 American white males and females. Elevated K (more homosexual scores) was found for(More)
Bjerrum's model of step-wise ligand exchange is extended to compute a complete speciation diagram for the [PtCl6-nBrn](2-) (n = 0-6) system including all 17 equilibrium constants concerning the Pt(IV) chlorido-bromido exchange reaction network (HERN). In contrast to what the hard soft acid base (HSAB) principle "predicts", the thermodynamic driving force(More)
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