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Computer scientists have recently undermined our faith in the privacy-protecting power of anonymization, the name for techniques that protect the privacy of individuals in large databases by deleting information like names and social security numbers. These scientists have demonstrated that they can often " reidentify " or " deanonymize " individuals hidden(More)
Acknowledgements We would like to acknowledge and thank several individuals who have helped develop the CHOICE network. In particular, Anand Balachandran, and Srinivasan Venkatachary are two of the original designers and implementers of PANS. Stephen Dahl helped us deploy the network at the Crossroads Mall; Pierre De Vries handled the legal formalities and(More)
The brain processes underlying cognitive tasks must be very robust. Disruptions such as the destruction of large numbers of neurons, or the impact of alcohol and lack of sleep do not have negative effects except when they occur in an extreme form. This robustness implies that the parameters determining the functioning of networks of individual neurons must(More)
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