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OBJECTIVE Impulsivity has been found to be an important trait of personality, whose consequences are not always negative although available questionnaires focused on its 'dysfunctional' aspect. METHOD Dickman's Functional and Dysfunctional Impulsivity questionnaire has been translated into French, and filled out by students. The tetrachoric correlation(More)
UNLABELLED Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a major healthcare challenge due to the increasing longevity of the population. Clinically prominent neuropsychological and neurological impairments, together with behavioral disorders characterize Alzheimer's disease (AD). In the past, behavioural and emotional disturbances received less attention than cognitive(More)
There is strong evidence that individuals can be arranged on a continuum from Eveningness to Morningness reflecting their preferred time range for different activities. This preference, which mostly reflects the phase of the circadian pacemaker, is determined in part by mutations on the CLOCK gene, and by environmental factors such as the month of birth. It(More)
INTRODUCTION Since 1943 when, for the first time, M. Bleuler used the term late-onset schizophrenia (LOS) to refer to diagnostic groups gathering some clinical features of schizophrenia, but with onset after the age of 40, opinions on this entity are divided. The main question is whether LOS and schizophrenia, with onset in early adulthood (early-onset(More)