P H Person

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  • Mathias H Andersson, Svensk Sammanfattning, I Andersson, Öhman, Ii Andersson, Iii Mueller-Blenkle +9 others
  • 2011
There are large gaps in our understanding how fish populations are affected by the anthropogenic noise and the alteration of habitat caused by the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. These issues are of great importance as the construction of offshore wind farms will increase all over the world in the near future. This thesis studies these(More)
The persistence of cartilage in the adult newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) forelimb skeletal regenerate has recently been reported by Libbon et al. It is particularly evident in the carpal group, which remains cartilaginous for at least 9 months while all other regrown skeletal parts are either ossified or ossifying. The present investigation was undertaken(More)
Although a number of recent studies describe the facilitation of limb regeneration by electrical and other forms of stimulation, little is known of innate regenerative capacity in the mammalian limb. The present report describes spontaneous regenerative responses following subtotal forelimb amputation in the young white rat. In one group of animals the(More)
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