P. H. P. Yeow

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This study investigated the effect of age and gender on mobile phone users' texting satisfaction, focusing on text entry factors. Structured questionnaire interviews were used to interview 18 subjects of both genders, aged between 17–37 years. Analysis of variance was computed. Gender effect was found on the speed of text entry method (p = 0.027), with the(More)
A total of 110 participants were interviewed to investigate the effect of hand measurements and gender on mobile phone messaging satisfaction. Physical measurements of hand-size and thumbs were recorded. This study focused on mobile phone keypad design factors; namely, key size, shape, texture, space between keys, layout and keypad simplicity. Females were(More)
Determining the predictors and a cross-gender analysis for messaging satisfaction. A total of 110 youths were interviewed to determine the important predictors for mobile phone messaging satisfaction based on the mobile phone design and health effect factors. A cross-gender analysis was also performed to analyze the gender differences towards messaging(More)
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