P H Iverius

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Taste responses of normal-weight, obese, and formerly obese individuals for sucrose and fat containing stimuli were examined using a mathematical modelling technique known as the Response Surface Method. The subjects accurately rated intensities of sweetness, fatness, and creaminess of 20 different mixtures of milk, cream, and sugar, and no mixture(More)
Human monocyte-derived macrophages in culture produced lipoprotein lipase. Although freshly isolated blood monocytes did not secrete much lipase activity, 1 d in culture was sufficient to trigger measureable enzyme production. During 3 wk in culture, maximal activity was attained after 7 d. At all times, the culture medium contained more enzyme activity(More)
Because there are no characteristic clinical or biochemical manifestations, the heterozygote state for lipoprotein lipase (LPL) deficiency has been difficult to detect. Measurements of postheparin plasma LPL activity and of LPL mass were performed in six families of probands with LPL deficiency to characterize the heterozygote state. LPL mass was measured(More)
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